The kingdom of Roha       
Interesting Video Clips
Interesting video clips from the monolithic Churches in Lalibela, watch the 'Hyena man'  feed the wild animals 
   The Legend    
Knight Templars
Updated  3/2016
  Queen of Sheba  visits King Solomon in Jerusalem

Mysteries of Ethiopia  The Arc of the covenant, the Old Testament & a lot more.

  General Info Interesting & detailed Information of Ethiopia! National parks, Wild Life, Birds World etc.
           Lake Tana                Wild life                 Birds world         Crossing the river Nile
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People in History that Have something to do with Ethiopia
 Queen of Sheba
 Knights Templar
 James Bruce
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Wilfred Thessiger's exploration of the mysterious Awash river on behalf of   Royal Geographic society! One of few rivers  that does not reach the sea!
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